Saxon Mortgage problems are not all Novastar issues

When Novastar Financial of Kansas City went broke nobody really cried about it. This is a press release from October 16, 2007:

Troubled subprime lender NovaStar Financial, Inc. said late today that it will sell its entire servicing rights to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc. in a bulk deal that pulls the rug out of NovaStar’s sizeable servicing operation.

The deal will see NovaStar’s servicing rights sold for roughly $175 million in cash, and will lead to “substantial reductions in both its organization and workforce,” the Kansas City-based mortgage company said. Novastar employs 300 in its servicing operations.

It is the summer of 2009, and Saxon Mortgage Services is trying to blame NovaStar accounts for many of Saxon’s problems. Failure to modify loans, the need for more employees, and call volume cannot be attributed to former Novastar customers.

Whatever the cause, Morgan Stanley and Saxon wanted the Novastar accounts. Now they have them, and must address certain issues, like telling homeowners who their investor is.

We’ve asked homeowners to call Saxon and report their results. We will publish more on this subject as details become clear.

2 thoughts on “Saxon Mortgage problems are not all Novastar issues

  1. My horror story with Saxon. Also please check out my Ireport on CNN. Here is the link. Feel free to post your horror story on there.

    I am writing to you about a company that is screwing over its customers. They are in violation of TILA laws, Fair Debt Protection Act, Unfair business practice, wrongful foreclosure, negligance, HUD and RESPA laws, not documenting payments, undisclosed fees, excessive fees charged, etc. There are many complaints against this company and something needs to be done. I am writing to everyone that I can think of so that they can be investigated. They are taking advantage of the hard working, American people and it is wrong. I have attached my personal dealings with this company. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You,

    Shelly Burgess

    9/16/08- Emailed Saxon.
    9/30/08- sent paperwork for remodification.
    10/1-08- paperwork received by Saxon per delivery conf.
    10/1/08- Millie. Advised that case worker Jeff Aldridge has 15 bus days to work on it.
    10/22/08- Emailed Saxon.
    10/23/08- spoke with A.J.
    10-28-08- spoke with Shawnta
    10/28/09- Emailed Saxon.
    11/4/08- Spoke with Keesha
    11/6/08- Emailed Saxon.
    11/10/08- Left message for Jeff Aldridge on answering machine. No response
    11/10/08- Spoke with Irene
    11/18/08- Remodification approved.
    11/25/08- Emailed Saxon.
    11/26-08- Spoke with Keesha who t old me paperwork was done and I would receive it in 3 weeks.
    12/1/08-Call Jeff Eldridge. Machine full.
    12-1-08- On hold but couldn’t wait any longer.
    12/3/08- Spoke with Gee. She told me paperwork was sent for Docs on 11/24-08
    12/3/-08- Called Jeff again. No room on answering machine to leave a message.
    12/16/08- Emailed Saxon.
    12 /17-08- Spoke with Kandice. She told me paperwork was sent out. Sent to escalations, no response.
    12/22/-08- Spoke with Lupe. She told me paperwork was not sent out. Escalated to supv. No response.
    12/30-08- Spoke with Adeena. She told me paperwork was not sent out. Escalated to supv, No response.
    1-7-09 Emailed Robert Meacham, David Dill, Mr. Kimm and left 2 msgs on Jeff Aldridges answering machine. No r esponse.
    1-7-09 emailed Chief of something Clebahn=2 0at the trustee. No response.
    1/8/09- Spoke with=2 0Jessica. She will send to ERU.
    1/8/09-20Spoke with Jessica to followup. Opened CRT. Docs have been ordered and wil l be overnighted to me.
    1/9-09 Received 4 letters in mail about foreclosure. Two were certified from the trustee.
    1-9-09 Emailed Mr. Kimm and left message on answering machine to contact me. No response.
    1/10-09 Received a letter from Saxon that they sent me to foreclosure.
    1/12/09- Filed complaint with BBB.
    1-12-09 Emailed Mr. Kimm from work.
    1/12/09- Christy Keener, ext 240890 called and left mesg on my cell phone to call. I called back and they were closed.
    1/13/09-Filed=2 0complaint with Washington State AG.
    1/13/ 09- Emaile d Jessica Hagstrom.
    1/13/09 – Called Saxon, spoke with Christina. She told me that the docs were requested again on 1-12-09 and will be overnighted via fed x. I should be receiving them this week. Down payment is still $1,050.44 with new mortgage payment being $750.81. First payment will be due Feb. 1st or March 1st. I advised them I will call back on Friday if I have not received the docs.
    1/15/09 Recevied Docs via Fedx:
    The Doc dates were incorrect for remodification:
    1/16/09- I called Saxon to discuss errors in Docs: Spoke with Kelly x204682 and explained situation: He advised me that he would talk to Jeff Aldridges Supervisor and call me back within an hour: Kelly called me back: New Docs will be written n up and sent out: New return date will be Feb: 15th: New payment of 851.45 will be due on March 1st: New down payment will be 1078.90.20Interest will remain the same: Payment includes property taxes and insurance:

    1/22/09- Received updated paperwork:
    1/23/09- Keyunna called from Saxon to make sure I got paperwork and to see if they were correct: They were not correct again; so they will make corrections and re-send:
    1/29/09 – Received 3rd set of docs that were correct:
    2/6/09- had docs notarized at Mail n More and called Kelly x204682: Left me ssage on machine:
    2/7/09- Kelly called me back and s tated that both papers need to be notarized.
    2/9/09-Had send set notarized at mail n more and sent in the overnight fedx priority envelope.
    2/11/09- Called Kelly to advise that the paperwork was sent and to see if it was received yet. He advised that they would call off the trustee as soon as down payment is received from me.
    2/13/09- called Saxon and spoke with Shawn: Wanting to know if they received docs: He didn’t know: Email was sent to Kelly:
    2/13/09- Jeff Aldridge called me back: He advised me that is was ok to send in the money on the 17th of Feb. via mail. I used FedEx overnight priority and they received the money on Feb. 19th, per the fed records. He advised me tha t he would make notes to that affect in my records.
    0A2/23/09- Called Saxon and left message for Kelly to call me back and advise as to what was going on now since they have my docs back and the money.
    2/24/09- Called and left messages for Jeff Aldridge and Kelly. No response.
    2/25/09- Called and left message for Kelly. No response.
    3/2/09- Emailed Saxon to get information on docs.
    3/11/09- Electronic payment of $300.00.
    3/19/09 – Emailed Trustee to make sure foreclosure/sale has been stopped.
    3/20/09- Received email back from Trustee that foreclosure was stopped.
    3/24/09- I still have not received any documentation from Saxon that this has been completed.
    3/38/09-Received an email from the Attorney General=2 0that advised me they have summoned the paperwork from Saxo n and they must send it to me before 4/4/09 or they will be charged with fines and violations of the Consumer Loan Act.
    4/4/09- Didn’t receive paperwork from Saxon. Advised Attorney General as instructed.
    4/6/09- Electronic payment of 300.00.
    6/9/09- Called Saxon and spoke with a guy about resetting my password and pin so I can access their site and login. He told me that he would email me a new pin and password. I received the emails that day which was great. But I received 3 emails, one password and 2 different PIN numbers . None oft them worked. I emailed them to get a new password and PIN and no one ever replied=2 0after a week. He also told me the true fees for my previous remodification. They were 806.00. I was charged 1,078.90 in which they have added to my loan saying that I didn=E 2t pay it. I had sent a certified check in that amount for the deposit in order for the remod to complete. He told me that they did not have record of my payment on 3/11/09 of 300.00. I showed that it was taken out of my bank account on 3/13. I got the proof of payment from the bank and sent it to them.
    6/9/09-I called a different dept to see if I qualified for the Obama house remod plan. I spoke with Christy who helped me and advised that I did qualify. She was wonderful. She sent out the paperwork and I got it within a few days.
    6/13/09-Filed complaint with Washington State AG.
    6 /19/09- Still no word about the 300.00 payment that I made=2 0or have I received a new PIN and password. I called Saxon and spoke with Brittni. She was going to get the pin/password issue=2 0taken care of. She also is going to issue a investigation of the fees I was charged and where that payment went. She checked on the 300.00 payment info and sees that they received the proof of payment. It says that they will contact be back with an answer by 6/29/09.
    6/24/09- I called Saxon at 1-888-733-4463 to find out if I would qualify for the 2% fixed interest Obama plan. I spoke with Matt, explained my entire story and he told me that I dont qualify. He said that I may be able to qualify for an “escrow spread” and told me that he would need to connect me to20that dept. I was on hold for some time and a lady ca me on. I explained my story to her and she told me that she couldnt help me that I needed to be tran sferred to yet another dept. She said that she handled the insurance part and I needed to speak to the escrow dept. By this time I had been on my cell phone for almost an hour. I told her that I didnt want to be connected to another dept and I hung up.
    6/24/09- Rachel calling from Saxon wanting to assist with unlocking my account on line. She emailed me to reset password and new PIN.
    6/24-09 I called Saxon about the $300.00 payment that they say that they didnt get.( 1-800-950-7318, ref # 2200).
    6/27/09- A shley called and left msg on my cell phone to return her call .
    6/24/09- Returned Ashleys call, no answer, left msg.
    6/29/09- Called Ashley twice. Left msg for return call. 9;14am and 9:17 am
    6/30/09- Left msg on Ashley Hayes’s machine.
    7/1/09- Call Ashley, left msg on machine.
    7/1/09- Emailed the Whitehouse.
    7/1/09- Emailed Saxon customer service about issue.
    7/2/09- Called Ashley twice and left msgs. 7:32am and 9:24am.
    7/2/09- Called Saxon and spoke with TJ. Explained my entire story to her. She gave me an extension on my payment. It is now due 7/28. She advised me to fax my fee disputes to their fax machine and gave me the numbers. One of the fees that I am disputing is the 17 property inspection fees that they charged me in less than 1 yr . The other is they didn’t document one of my payment s in March. I sent proof of payment and to this date, they still haven’t returned the money.
    7/3/09 – Filed complaint against Saxon with the FTC. (How to right a wrong)
    7/8/09- Faxed dispute paperwork to Saxon.
    7/14/09- Emailed Saxon about payment issues.
    7/11/09- Filed complaint with
    7/16/2009- Spoke with Alex. I called Saxon to check up on the fax that I sent to them over a week ago disputing charges. He verified all my info and I asked about it. He asked me where my payment on the remod was. I advised him that I had spoken to TJ on 7/2/09 who got approval from a=2 0supv to extend my payment to 7/28. He then tells me that there20are no notes to reflect that. He then asked again when I would send my payment. I advised him that they would receive it by 7/28 per the arrangements that I had made with TJ. He then rudely asked my why I was in default to begin with. I told him that it was none of his business and I didn’t need to tell him. I then started asking about the fax that I had sent (which was why I called in the first place). He told me that it takes 30 days to investigate that. I told him that they already had way more than 30 days since I had sent the proof of payment in early June. They were the ones that screwed it up. I again requested that all notes from agents, etc and all correspondance to m e to be sent to me. He didn’t even respond to that.&nb sp; When he asked why I was disputing the charges, I told him that they are charging me 17 times for property inspections,=2 0etc. He was so uncaring and had long pauses. He didn’t know what he was doing nor did he have much knowledge of his job. His customer service skills were horrible. This is what I have dealt with for almost a year now. He couldn’t give me any information in regards to my call which was a waste of my cell phone minutes and time…..again. I then told him that I was going to sue their company and hung up on him. Even thou I told him how angry I was, he didn’t care nor did he apologize for20all of the problems that I have been having with their company.

    7-20-09 Saxon called me and left messages at 1:50p, 4:41p and 6:32p. I returned their calls and left message @ 4:45p, 9:08p and 9:09p.
    7-21-09 I I called Saxon at 12:32p and left message.
    7/23/09- Received advertisement from Saxon in regards to HOME NOW project.
    7/22/09, 6:27pm- Saxon calling (Valora in Fort Worth, TX) and wanting to know why I didnt make the payment on 7/1 for the remodification as Iwas supposed to. Asked if I got paperwork. I advised for the 2nd time that TJ (118964) whom I spoke to on July 2, got approval from her team lead for an extension until=2 07/28. I also told her about the $300.00 payment that I made in M arch that was not applied or documented. She put me on20hold for a very long time to check on the extension. Again, I a m on my cell phone. She came back after about 14 mins. States that 7/28 is ok for payment. Advised me that she would let me speak to a supervisor. I am again on hold (6:48p-6:58) I hung up. This call lasted for 32 mins. I waited for the supervisor to call me back and they never did.
    7/22/09- Sent request to Chase bank for proof of payment to Saxon on 4.6.09.
    7/28/09-emailed Saxon about fee disute. (onne fee dispute is the 17 property inspection fees I was charged for in less than20a year, 7 of which were on 3/9/09)
    7/28/09- emailed Saxon a bout Payment issues.

    7/30/09-Received letter from Saxon stating that they dont take partial payments and used it towards fees on the account. The payment still doesnt show, even on the paperwork that they sent. If they didnt take partial payments, why werent the payments refused and I could of send in one full payment??
    8/1/09- Sent complaint (third one) to Texas Attorney General.
    8/1/09- Filed complaint with Washington State AG.
    8/1/09- Emailed complaint to Kevin Rodman is the Director, President, and CEO of Saxon Mortgage Services Inc.

    8/6/2009- Spoke with Miguel who I told my entire story to again. I advised that I am going to sue thier company. They still do not show the $300.00 payment I made in M arch. He is going to get a supervisor for me. He came back online and told ne that the notes dont state that letters were sent out to me. I have both of them in my hand. I demanded to speak to a supervisor. I was on hold again and he came back and told me something else. He would not let me speak to a supervisor. I dont think the even exist. He told me that the 300.00 was credited back to my account and refused and that I need to fax my proof of payment to them. I have already faxed it to them 3 times! I advised that this is not in my records. He told me that they have 3 more days to decide what they are going to do with the account after he just told me that it was debited back to my account. I told him that I already got a response from someone named Heather and she made no mention of the $300.00 payment.Which was my question to begin with. I advised that I am not going to pay this payment until they redo my remodification without the foreclosure fees, attorney fees, breach of contract fees, excessive property inspection fees, etc. I swear it is like talking to a brick wall when you call them. They dont care what you have to say at all. They wont answer your direct questions and do circles around them so they dont have to answer them.
    8/6/09- I=2 0called 1-817-665-7200 and asked for the CEO of Saxon. They transferred me to their admin. I left a message on (Alvery Mathers) message machine as to what I want done and how I have be en treated in great detail and demanded a call back.
    (Note- All the fees from the foreclosure were still on my record and I am paying for them even though it was a wrongful foreclosure. I spoke to an attorney and and he pointed this out to me. ALL fees were not disclosed to me. There was no break down of the fees either on the paperwork I signed)
    8/7/2009- No return phone call from CEO of Saxon.
    8/7/2009- Received letter from my Homeowners insurance stating that they were canceling my insurance in October because they could not verify that I was living at the residence. I am assuming that Saxon had something to do with this.

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