Saxon Mortgage forecloses when package is with negotiator

MD in New Jersey said: “When I started reading these complaints I could not believe it! My husband and I have been in this situation for 15 months and have had 5 different offers on the table for a short sale every time we were told to send updated info and every time they would only receive part of the package. When our last offer was finally sent to the “Negotiator” Saxon foreclosed on July 13 and that was one week after we were told it was with the “Negotiator”. If there is any one out there who can help us with some more info we would really be grateful.”

One thought on “Saxon Mortgage forecloses when package is with negotiator

  1. I have also had more issues with Saxon that you can ever imagine. I am getting everything together to sue the shit out of them. Document everything. Names, dates, what was said etc. You may need it too! You can email me at if you want more info.

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