Man offers to film testimony against Saxon Mortgage – Free

JP said: “I have been having problems with Saxon and several collection agencies as well. These people live under the assumption that they can just get away with anything because they are rich. They forget one important fact. They have no talent, no real skills, and lets face it, without us they have no existence. I feel it is time we started showing the owners of companies like Saxon that they can’t play without paying for it. I operate a low budget film company in philadelphia. I threatened Saxon that I would film the testimony of anyone screwed by Saxon Mortgage for free.

The files would be up loaded on every online net work, tagged in any movie I release, and eventually formed into a documentary. Saxon did get nervous they contacted me within a few hours. They are scared. Lets take advantage of it. I can film anyone in Delaware, PA, Jersey, and Maryland. I ask that someone work the North, center, and west and south of the country.

Send your videos to me in the mail or through youtube my screen name is Sabermovie. We’ll link up all the files and keep putting them out. Don’t worry about the technical end, my people can handle that. Once these videos start getting made I’ll work out a a distribution method based on the content. To prove I have these capabilities check out my movies on Netflix, Block Buster and Amazon.

Don’t rent them (trust me most of you won’t like the movies) just look and see that I’m for real. “Merc Force”, “Death from Beyond I and II”, and you’ll find clips on youtube. Full name James Panetta. Forget the government for now, these people must learn that there is no rest for the wicked.

Perhaps I have a flare for the dramatic but with my day jobs I have always served the community in some way like the rest of my family. We were all soldiers, teachers, recreation workers, and cops.

Aside from making the videos I also ask other people to do some simple things. If you are the member of any clergy, now is the time to practice what you preach. Condemn the actions of companies like Saxon in public. I may have my issues with religion in general, but now is the time to put that aside and work together.

You FBI agents and Cops out there, you claim to protect and serve, now’s your chance. We are being bleed dry by people who skirt your laws everyday and laugh at you while they do it. Find some dirt on them, and we’ll let it fall off the back of a truck so we can use it. Teachers, blast these guys for a few moments at the beginning of your classes.

Let the kids know the names of the people who take all their parents money. Doctors, if you have a patient who is under attack by a creditor, cut them a break on the bill, remember that oath, time to use it. Politicians, what can I say, do your job for once. What do you have to loose its not like we can get rid of you, what do you real have to loose. Unless you guys really are a bunch of cowards, no pressure.

From that I learned one thing, little people can win battles if they are just willing to fight. I say lets fight, lets not make it easy for these companies. If they are going to take from us, then lets make them work for it. The worst that can happen is that nothing changes, the best is that Saxon and other predators like them get what they have coming.

This message will be posted in as many online locations as possible. email If you have little there really isn’t much to loose in the end.”