Saxon Mortgage escrow, insurance, and tax errors

SB in Michigan said: “I have been dealing with Saxon since April over a glitch (their line) with the computor that has caused me to be default by 4 months. Of course Saxon is adding late fees.!! To the point it is about them using my escrow to to pay my homeowners insurance, which i am responsible for.

After finding this out they were charging me double for my taxes and telling me i owed for a now negative escrow account, assising this all came up with an ungodly amount for my mortgage payment,which was based on inacurate numbers. The insurance company said they could not return Saxon’s check.

Of course no one let me know , and after calling every week. I then paid off the back escrow and let them know the taxes were $1100.00 for the year not $ 2200.00 and the $1245.14 was paid do you know they applied my payment to the mortgage , and not the back escrow.

I am still waiting for them to re-asses these numbers to get me back to my normal payment of $914.00 per month,which includes my escrow payment. I have spoken to tooo many reps, and all they do is transfer and meanwhile they think I am going to cover late fees !!! I am glad I found this site, and hope I can find a way to get help before they force me to loose my home.”

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  1. live in Florida since October of 2008 to present to no avail.
    They have no intention o f helping any homeowners, they just call to ask for the payment daily. When you ask them what are they doing with the loan modification application they have no clue nor have they received it. I fax my application and hardship letter daily, still no response.

    The only real solutions is if everyone who has Saxon Mortgage stops paying for three month there mortgage from Sept, Oct and Nov so they can really feel the pain when the company has no money coming in! Just we are going thru now………
    United this plan will work to get there attention. They received plenty of our tax money from the goverment and now we are the one’s who will be ending up on camp sites!

  2. Thank you for publishing my complaint, and due to reading on this site I did follow up a complaint with the attorney genera in Michigan. The contacted Saxon and gave them 14 days for a response. Of course they responded with a brown envelope with letters all dated different dates and all saying absolutly nothing !!! Next came other letters again not adressing the issues but apologizing for any convenience they may have caused , but nothing has been done about the money I paid to be put back into my escrow.
    Of course the letters say I still have a negative balance., well put the money I paid to cover your glitch back into my escrow account !!!! then it will be positive.

    Now when I call about OTHER fees to the tune of $125.00 no-one can explaine why I have OTHER fees, these just magically appeared on my statement. Of course no customer service rep. can access my account since I filed my complaint either, so we play the game of transferring the calls and leaving me on hold. I have faxed all documents to the Attorney General and hope somthing will be done. OH they will be dropping some of the late fees inccured but when I don’t know as I have seen nothing has changed on my monthly statements. I realize that out of $1,245.00 back escrow payment only $50.00 was applied to the principal, they want to keep all that INTEREST !!! not this time if I can help it.
    ps. I also noticed they have upped my interest rate another new issue. Saxon aquired my mortgage from another company so I have not refied or modified with them, and they lied and said they did not put it up. Just found the statements with the lower amount.
    Keep pushing for a class action !!!!

  3. Hello again,
    Good news I finally got all my ducks in a row and through the Attorney General Saxon was forced to resolve the issues I had with them. The had to put my account back into the positive and eat all those fees, they had tried to make me pay. all is back in the positive although the taxes are still off, but they will have to mail me a check at the end of the year… And I plan on getting it!! Of course they did apply my payment and took most of it for interest like the other client, but they had to get back the money they paid to the insurance co.

    Dont give up and contact the Attorney General in your city and state and go after them. I now only deal with Adam in TX. and refuse to deal with anyone else, as he cleaned up the mess.
    Good Luck and I will keep you all posted of any other mishaps.

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