KC Reynolds and Kevin Rodman at Saxon Mortgage Services Inc

According to the Texas Secretary of State Kevin Rodman is the Director, President, and CEO of Saxon Mortgage Services Inc. His email is kevin.rodman@morganstanley.com

At the LinkedIn website, KC Reynolds is said to be Vice President at Saxon Mortgage, Vice President at Morgan Stanley, and a member of the Board of Directors at American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Texas.

2 thoughts on “KC Reynolds and Kevin Rodman at Saxon Mortgage Services Inc

  1. I am in the same situation now I have been paying more each month and was wondering why and they keep telling me about some money that I owe them and I continue to show my complete untrust in this company. One person tells you one thing and another tells you something else. Please contact me if we can talk. Kembley.Thomas@adoh.state.al.us

  2. Saxon Mortgage Services has to be the worst lender I have worked with. I handle loan modification cases all day long & they are a complete joke! Unfortunately my loan is with them also & I can’t get anything done for myself either. I tried to email Kevin, but it seems that he has changed his email address because I keep getting my emails sent back to me saying unable to send. Saxon customers should unite & head to Ft. Worth & give them a piece of our mind…..LOL!

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