Saxon short sale demands agent, 90 day listing of home

DC in Pennsylvania said: “We have been trying to get a short sale done with Saxon for over a year now. So far we have faxed the paperwork to them at least 9 times. We were asked once several months ago who the realtor was and we told them we were not using a realtor.

It finally got “sent to a negotiator”, then 4 days later a call saying we have to re-fax the paperwork because they no longer use that negotiator…. So we did. Then it’s gotta re-fax the paperwork because (even though it said short sale on the cover sheet) it was sent to loan modification and they “can’t” send it to short sale.

SOOOOO…. we send it again, only this time put SHORT SALE in large black magic marker letters on the cover sheet. Today, we are informed that we must have a real estate agent and the house must be put on the market for at least 90 days. WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?

Is this just some new stall tactic to make us crazy, or just another sign of their ineptitude? Is this true that we must have the house on the market in order to do a short sale? In all my reading I’ve never heard of this.”