Another family successful against Saxon Morgan Stanley

This person contributes regularly to this website, through comments, uplifiting suggestions, and his reports. This is a positive report: “Finally, With a year + of work, Multiple times of being posted for foreclosure. I have my loan modification done in accordance with the HAMP guidelines set forth by our President. I enlisted the help of the Texas Attorney General, Senator John Cornyn, CBS National News, and MY Attorney Hudson Henley.

Every email and communication was either recorded or copied to these folks.

On July 1st my loan modification was approved with the terms and payments that are agreeable.

The documents did arrive 5 days prior to the verbal agreement.

I think this goes to show that:

Saxon/Morgan Stanley will do anything to keep this out of court.
Saxon/Morgan Stanley will abide by the terms set forth by the Federal Govt. if pushed.
Saxon/Morgan Stanley are culpable for the wrong and illegal handling of accounts.

I encourage all of you to read my posts and document all correspondence to Saxon.

It can be done.

However the cost is great both physical and mental to myself and family. I am not married to my home and this afforded me the time and energy to make the correct and just decisions I did in calling on the help I could to force the hand I did.

I calculate that approximately 18,000 dollars in incorrectly posted payments, fees, late penalties, attorney fees, and lost rental deposits have been lost during this fight of the past 18 months.

I hope my posts have been helpful and you fight the good fight. Stand your ground and demand justice.”

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  1. Dear admin,

    My name is Andy Kroll, and I’m a writer for Mother Jones magazine in San Francisco. I’m currently doing some reporting and research on the servicers currently participating in the fed. goverment’s HAMP program–including Saxon. I’m trying to track down individuals who’ve dealt with Saxon/Morgan Stanley, and obviously this website is a wealth of information.

    Is there any way I could be put in touch with some of the contributors to this site? Or that my e-mail address — — could be sent to contributors who could contact me if possible?

    Let me know what you think, and don’t hesitate to contact me at Thanks!

    All the best,
    Andy Kroll
    Mother Jones (

  2. The Texas AG responded with great aggression against Saxon. Its about time! The Texas AG is not letting loose of the situation and seem to be going after them in every way.

    It Appears the only reason Saxon/Morgan Stanley has caved in my case is because of the attention the Texas AG and News is giving them! The letters and dates correspond nicely with pressure that the texas AG placed on Saxon/Morgan Stanley.

    No doubt it was that pressure that made this happen!

  3. How do i get info for california issues with saxon mortgage they are making it very difficult to deal with.

  4. Just this week I was denied by loan modification by Saxon because they said I did adhere to the trial agreement. I followed the three month agreement to the letter. I was supposed to get my final papers by Sept. 1, when I didn’t get them I was told to be patient. Now they are using the excuse I should have continued the payments under the agreement. The agreement was only for 90 with my final papers then. There was no mention of anything about this. Please someone help me fight these people so I can keep my home.

  5. Two weeks ago I was denied my HAMP loan…I called to make the 3rd and required payment – I was told that I had $900 available in a reserve fund and I could apply that amount to the payment and pay the difference. I did the balance was electronically debited from my checking account. By the next month I had not received my paperwork and was forced to make a 4th payment (which was more than my original loan pymt) – in Nov I was told that I did not follow the trial agreement. Now I’m trying to get a loan modification, submitting paperwork all over again – which by way, I’ve submitted 5 times already. THIS IS A NIGHTMARE!!!

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