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A customer asks: “Is it possible to be considered for addition to the class action lawsuit list? After reviewing the postings about Saxon Mortgage, much of what everyone has endured sounds exactly like what we have been through.

We started modification in October of 2008 and now we are conditionally ‘approved’ for a trial modification that is hardly 1% less than the 9% ARM we originally had. More and more we hear of federal modifications that will reduce interest substantially, but we feel we’ve been scammed into protecting our property by removing any late charges so we can begin paying them money again. I’m curious if anyone else has been offered a ‘deal’ like this.

Is there a way to ask them to produce the original note for the property? We were Novastar transfers, and getting any information on our account has always seemed to be a mystery when dealing with Saxon Mortgage.

Lots of ‘on hold’ scenarios, resubmitting paperwork 3 and 4 times. No one accounting for messages or notes to the account. They seem to have a call center in one state handling processing for a company in another. Interestingly, both are oblivious to the other’s responsibility in the matter and neither communicate about ANYTHING when dealing with us.”

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  1. It’s never to late to demand the note. they weren’t your original creditor so you have the right to see the documents that state they are involved with your account. Demand that they produce the written note.

    Our HAMP modification is a stagering….8.125% down from 8.25%. The whole reduction will save us a fraction … maybe enough for a tank of gas. I can not see how this is to help people.

    I understand that you HAVE TO escrow but from july to dec. they will not be escrowing enough to cover everything so .. our payment will go up $100.00 to cover th shortage… guess what… come 2010… our payments will be EXACTLY THE SAME as they were prior to the HAMP modification. I don’t see how this is resolving anything. Did I mention they have stole all our equity. We now owe saxon $15,000 more than what it cost to buy it in 2005. bought for 80,000 and now owe $95,000. THEY ARE CROOKS AND THE GOV. IS HELPING THEM FLEECE AMERICANS.

  2. I file bankruptcy but saxon wont file papers in county so im told i have to pay taxes and up keep of property . i call saxon and was told i have to sell it before they will do anything my question was how can i sell somethung i no longer have rights to . i have call every one and no one can help me i am retire and cant afford a lawyer . saxon needs to be stop

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