When Saxon Mortgage tell you to stop paying your mortgage

WC in Georgia said: “I applied for a modification in October 2008 but never received anything about it until February 2009. I made my February payment but it was put in a suspense account and was never applied.

I was told to send in paperwork which I did in time. I sent it over night through FedEx to ensure it was there in time. I talked to over 50 different people that told me different things about the process. I was told not to make anymore payments until the mod process was complete.

I was then told I should not have stopped making the payments because it might go into foreclosure. I was really pissed and told the person on the phone that my home better not show up in the local paper because this was not my fault.

I was later told that the mod would be finalized by the end of June but now I received a letter stating that it was denied due to the fact that the paperwork wasn’t received in a timely matter.

Saxon Mortgage is such a rip off. Someone really needs to do something about this because they are really causing unneeded stress and causing people to lose their home when it is not their fault.”

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  1. The exact thing happened to me. My wife and I had to start the entire process over. I called at least 4 times a week checking on the progress and most of the time go conflicting answers. Whatever you do, don’t call after 10am(central…my time). You will always get a debt collector on the line. I contacted BBB, FTC and the Attorney generals office for assistance. Saxon listens to these guys. The BBB got Saxon to UPS me a written agreement of terms and the fact I hadn’t received paperwork yet in just 3 days after I contacted them.

    I contacted the Attorney generals office in Texas and a little over a week later I had loan mod documents with correct dates. I sent it in and my loan mod is FINALLY complete. All thats left is for them to repair my credit which they state is part of the process. Thank GOD.

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