Saxon Mortgage treats homeowners poorly

DB in Connecticut said: “I can honestly say that EVERY SINGLE COMPLAINT that I just read, my husband and I have dealt with and continue to do so. The newest is that we were given a so-called loan modification that they were so pleased to offer..and by the way, once you receive it..if you don’t like it, take it up with the negogiator so you know where that leads.

Saxon froze our account so we only have to pay $2600.00 a month and we can hand them an extra $800.00 and something for escrow, etc. Then they send a letter telling us that we are a month late on our mortgage even though we have proof that that isn’t so, and then are told that they put it towards another month and if we don’t like it, we can file an appeal.

WHAT A JOKE! I’m to the point where they can take the house! They treat people like something to scrape off their shoes!”