Saxon allows no time for HUD review

This is a followup to a previous complaint, but is strong enough to stand alone: “After much frustration and hoop jumping, we have been PREQUALIFIED for the HAMP program. Susan Bohanan called on June 26 with the news.

The paperwork was sent overnight express on June 29 and received on June 30 at 1:52 est. I reviewed the information and to my surprise… the documents are expected in their offices “no later than July 1st, 2009” … Payment is to accompany the paperwork yet I was advised to use their WESTERN UNION quick collect so that it is posted by TODAY.

Problems: We’ve been advised to see our HUD Counselor before submitting the paperwork and the payment is to accompany the docs. Well, we’re already late! They don’t give you any time to review, consult or even transfer money from savings to checking. What was I thinking… of course it would have been the same type of run around mickey mouse outfit. GRRRR.”