Saxon is a fraud says Connecticut homeowner to AG

DK in Connecticut said: “CT attorney general has been notified about SAXON. I hope to sue. Anybody else in CT wants to sue Saxon Mortgage can call CT A.G and give info so we can make these greedy scumbags get real and provide some kind of service that they claim to provide. This is fraud, Saxon is a fraud!

As far as I am concerned the company and investors are domestic terrorist, and are not americans. They should be prosicuted under federal laws that they used for MOB. RICO I think they call it!”

One thought on “Saxon is a fraud says Connecticut homeowner to AG

  1. I am really displeased about the way Saxon Mortgage conducts it’s business. After 7 months of faithfully making payments ON-TIME under the home modification trial periods. Saxon calls me and alleges I am denied modification due to lateness. I have made payments before or on the 1st of the month as required.This grossly false and I will prove that Saxon Mortgage is running a scam to milk consumers of hard earned money. This means that they have been taking my money and not applying it to my mortgage, making it look like my account has been deliquent.

    I need someone to help me before Saxon Mortgage takes my home, they have ripped me off already.

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