How to fight back in a bad economy

How should we react when our credit card company, mortgage company, and the company for which we work, all start acting like we are disposable? Sometimes life seems unfair, and that issues are out of control.

Credit card companies are now demanding higher payments at five percent of the balance owed. Mortgage companies such as Saxon Mortgage Services has demonstrated no urgency to take care of matters before foreclosure, lower credit scores, and other issues become a factor.

The company for which we work might be under pressure. As unemployment skyrockets these companies know one job opening will have at least 300 applicants. Do these companies put undue pressure on employees? In many cases the answer is yes, as free-wheeling bosses and supervisors know employees may not fight back. The risk is now too great.

There is good news. As companies and financial institutions push the limits of the law, it might be a good idea to buy a voice activated tape recorder. Some of these idiots think they are bullet-proof, but they are not.

Get the facts, and share the illegal actions. When enough people gather evidence it is hard for the law to turn a blind eye.

Keep a diary and a phone log. Exact evidence with proper dates and times are important.

When quoting someone, as them to repeat what they said, even if you are recording the conversation. It is harder to deny what was said.

One thought on “How to fight back in a bad economy

  1. After 7 months of fighting for a loan modification, finally accepted and they dumped four undislosed lump sum with the only description as fees on my first months refinance. As my credit went from near perfect to almost in ruins in this 7 monts I do not have the additional undisclosed almost $2000 in fees they expect. Every time I call I get a different excuse for these fees and nothing ever in print except fees. This has to be unethical if not illegal. I can not come up with the extra money.

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