Saxon calls after priority mail payment posts

Saxon again proved that they do not have a clue. A representative – Mr. Jones – called today, inquiring about our house payment. We send our payments by priority mail so we can follow them. We also knew something that Jones had yet to discover. Our payment was received by Saxon Mortgage Servicers – and processed.

At first I objected to Saxon’s calls, acting like they have the right to call all homeowners starting on the second day of the month.

Now I reserve the right to object to Saxon calling after the payment is received, processed, and credited. All Jones had to say was “My bad” – a phrase that I refuse to use even though it made its way into the dictionary. How about the term “dumb ass” instead Mr. Jones? It applies to you, or the idiot that programs Saxon’s robo calls.

When a payment is processed, software should tell the robo dialer to remove the homeowner’s telephone number. Again, this is just one more case of Saxon confusion, and proof that this company is less than professional.

The fact remains that many companies back off a little when you tell them that your payment was sent by priority mail with a tracking number. Even predatory lenders prefer to abuse those who send payments by first class mail instead of those who can prove damages.

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