Texas homeowner and lawyer wait for Saxon Mortgage

T. in Texas said: “The beat goes on! This is a follow-up of previous as noted here. After providing my redone financial statement to Saxon/Morgan Stanley, LAST month. I have yet to hear from them and they cannot tell me where my deal is.

So now I am forced to wait for ANOTHER foreclosure notice.

I am in a different position. I have an attorney and I am waiting for them to move forward.”

One thought on “Texas homeowner and lawyer wait for Saxon Mortgage

  1. I feel for all of you. I went through hell for a year and a half with Saxon. I was at my wits end. I had exhausted all my resources my last resort was to call HOPE Now.

    I figured what the hell and I dont know what they did, but after trying to just get my loan modification assigned to a negotiator for 5 months they got it assigned and approved in 2 weeks.

    It was just completed this week. I would suggest to everyone to give them a call. Their telephone number is on Saxons website. I still am very displeased with Saxon and the way they handle there business they are very unprofessional and say they are willing to help you but unless you push and push nothing ever gets resolved.

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