Saxon sets up a blind mod and never does followup

SM sent this email: “We contact Saxon in January 2008 to set up a repay plan. It was quick and easy. We should have known it was too good to be true. A few months later, after we had already made several payments, our home was placed in foreclosure status!

Saxon had approved us for a blind mod, which voided our repay plan. Saxon didn’t let us know about the mod. It took nearly a year to get the mod approved and booked. During that time Saxon was returning mailed payments and refusing to take any over the phone.

The mod was booked and we were assured that any late payments reported to the credit bureau would be retracted. We are now in June 2009 and our credit is not corrected. After countless phone calls, faxes and escalated call requests I was told last week that payments should have been accepted during the mod booking and that since they weren’t our credit would remain as is.

At this point we are stuck with Saxon until our credit clears, even though we made payments.”

One thought on “Saxon sets up a blind mod and never does followup

  1. FCRA complaint are taken extremely seriously by the federal gov’t and creditors are heavily fined. If you dont file a complain now you hurt yourself and others who have been hurt by Saxon/Morgan Stanley.

    If you need attorney advice I advise you to Contact Hudson Henley at Henley and Henley PC Dallas Texas.

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