Saxon Mortgage incompetence hurts many people

JG in Nevada said: “Where to begin, I think it mainly started when my husband lost his job. I went full time ASAP just to keep our heads above water, my payment was probably 2 weeks late I sent the payment with the late fees and 18 days later they sent me a letter saying this is not acceptable. As is the case with SAXON to keep plenty of confusion and avoid case management, I have never ever talked to the same person twice.

I called immediately when I received notice they would not accept my payment got the quoted acceptable amount, within minutes I was at Western Union sending the exact amount.

15 days later I received the second notice they would not accept the exact amount they told me to pay to the penny and now I would have to pay some ridiculous amount like 8,000 and some dollars. I’m sure they realize for most middle Americans this is virtually impossible, and for a family who just lost greater than half of their income even harder. I have complained to the A.G. written to 60 minutes, shared my story on numerous web sites.

I will not even attempt a loan mod without legal representation, which clearly at this point I cannot afford. I have contacted C Hosay re: a class action , I have been forced into bankruptcy to save my house, and my most recent adventure with Saxon is trying to get them to restore my on line access.

I sent them permission from my attorney a copy of the note showing my signature and their required permission from my husband to speak to me (how ironic is that I pay all the bills and need permission to monitor them from my husband) via fax and snail mail, along with a daily reminder via e mail to please restore my access everyday since 04/28/2009 it is today June 10th and still no on line access, however I received a lovely letter from them saying they will include my middle initial in any future correspondence.

I don’t consider my communication skills to be that unclear. I’ve even been told it takes up to 30 day for them to receive a fax, has anybody looked up the definition of facsimile?

I could probably write a book on being screwed by Saxon, at this point I just keep hoping enough noise will get somebody’s attention ad these morons making a joke of the American economic system will see some charges or at the very least somebody will recognize that this is exactly the incompetence and ignorance that is hurting each and everyone of us.”

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  1. Contact your CBS affiliate and your attorney general. There is a federal investigation of Saxon as we speak.


    Read all the posts on here and ACT NOW!

    Record and detail everything you have done and will do.

    Hire an attorney NOW do not wait. Set yourself a payment plan for him.

    Saxon is in a lot of trouble. They are currently trying very hard to clean house inside.

  2. Can you please contact me if you get a response from 60 minutes. My problems are to long to describe but are very simialer to everyone elses. lost papers, the run around etc.. I have all of my documentation, proof of delivery and names & dates 310.266.5432 California.

  3. We set up a modification, 2 payments (June and July) were to be put on the back of the loan, got the paperwork, sent it back, made our Aug payment on time and Sept., we are current, yet we are getting billed for 2 payments. All we have gotten back from Saxon is a statement showing the lowered interest rate, and when I have called customer service reps kept saying it will show up next statement. I wrote a letter asking for a written statement that the Modification is in place, so far I have gotten nothing. How can any business be run that doesn’t write and explain that paperwork has been received?! I am hoping to see this resolved but quite shocked by the poor business ethics I am experiencing, phone calls for money not owed, employees not knowing what is going on, run arounds, and months later, no written assurance that our Modification is in place. STRESSFUL, and very frightening business practices, especially when it is your home involved. Obviously not enough people doing the paper work, and that is giving them the benefit of the doubt. But again, I am hoping to see this resolved, but am forced by their lack of written correspondence to question their intent and seek protection from my representatives.

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