Saxon Mortgage causes errors on another credit report

A Georgia resident sent this email: “I submitted loan modification papers July 2008. In October I was approved. I sent all of my documentation back through FedEx. My loan modification officer JEFFERY ALRIGDGE contacted me once on Oct. 7th 2008.

Since that time, I left him messages each day to call me regarding my modification. I called numerous times and every agent stated that I had to speak with Jeffery he was the only person that could fix the problem. Apparently he did not complete my paperwork properly.

I have documentation to show I have spoken to over 50 people and I have sent letters to customer relations and their corporate office. By the way no response.

I finally found out that my November payment was not posted correctly to my account and it looks as if I am behind on my payment. I am constantly getting collection calls. I have had each called escalated to wherever because……. that doesn’t work. My credit report now reflects a delinquency and Saxon has stated they would fix it.

I now have other creditors lowering my credit limit due to the past due amount with Saxon. Each time I call the representatives they see over $400.00 in a suspense account that was never applied to my account. I was not notified when to begin paying the lower modification amount therefore, I kept paying the original loan amount and this is what caused the problem.

I feel like packing my things and moving out. This has just been a nightmare. I spend so much time on the phone with them and nothing is ever resolved. This is stressing me out. I am hoping not to find an eviction notice.”

2 thoughts on “Saxon Mortgage causes errors on another credit report

  1. Request a complete payment history from Saxon. You and your attotneys will see the illegal way they post payments and take profits as a servicer.

    File a complaint about the FCRA violations.

    Get legal help now, do not wait. I have posted on here several times about the attorney lic. in Texas able to do battle with Saxon. Hudson Henley of Henley and Henley PC Dallas Texas!

    Saxon reps and managers have been instructed to do what they are doing to consumers. When you have an attorney on your side they turn in to paper tigers.

    YOU have the ability to change them!

    Its a small battle, they are wrong and know it!

  2. Hi, I am going through the same thing…almost word for word.

    Have you found anything to help you? I am considering legal actions because they have messed up my credit and have caused me so much stress.

    Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.


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