Anyone in Mississippi with Saxon Mortgage problems – help please

This email came for a Mississippi resident: “We have been dealing with this company for over a year. Saxon force-placed escrow on our account for insurance when we had our own insurance and then they refused to take it off. saxon stopped accepting our payments because we refused to pay the escrow amount so now we have hired an attorney to try to fight foreclosure.

He says that he can’t find a single federal court case where Saxon has lost. How is that possible? What are they doing to win? He has a list of federal laws they have violated in our case alone. Why can’t someone win against this company?

We are in Mississippi. Our attorney said to see if we could find any people in our state who are having problems with Saxon. My email address is Please contact me if you are in Mississippi.

Also, is there anyone out there who has had success with a lawsuit against them? Please let me know how you did it if there is!”

2 thoughts on “Anyone in Mississippi with Saxon Mortgage problems – help please

  1. I am in Mississippi with the same Saxon blues. There is litigation against Deutsch Bank in Ohio 4th circuit appeals court. Contact me if you are for real north ms. They tell me i am not fanny or freddy and owned by an investor group serviced by Saxon Morgan Stanley. Good luck. Can’t figure if the MERS laws apply to us in Mississippi.

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