Saxon Mortgage customer gets copies of other people’s documents

TB in Pennsylvania said: “This bit of information is a testament to the incompetence of Saxon Mortgage Services. I requested my promissory note. Nearly 3 months after my written request, Saxon was able to provide me with a copy…. Although, they went a step further.

I got a copy of 4 other peoples documents. Including a complete document packet that was meant for an Attorney group out of Pasadena CA. I immediately contacted the AG office of PA to let Sarah know about this grave error on their part. She asked me to forward a letter to testify to the error and a copy of the names, addresses and loan numbers of the other parties. She will be taking the information to “her boss” in the morning.

In the meantime, I am sending the correspondences to the appropriate parties (at my own cost) along with the exact same letter that went to the AG office. If any of the other parties are currently involved in litigation, they have a written statement of their lovely customer service.

I also sent a copy to the law offices of Craig Hosay, who is spearheading a possible class action law suit against Saxon Mortgage Services.

I can now understand how the lady in Tennessee lost her house without even knowing it.”

2 thoughts on “Saxon Mortgage customer gets copies of other people’s documents

  1. TB in Penn. please read…..I am not sure if what you received was indeed a copy of the “original” note. If a lender wants to foreclose on a property, it has to be able to show that it is, in fact, the appropriate person to whom the money is owed. That right to foreclose belongs onlyto the person who has legitimate possession of the ORIGINAL NOTE, not a copy, not an electronic entry, but the original note itself with the signature of the person who allegedly owes the money. A copy they may have from a computer data base is not acceptable. They have to admitt they do indeed have possession of the original copy, so far Saxon cant say that to us. I have a feeling you ended up with a electronic copy, and they do not have the original with your signature in ink. May want to look into that again.
    We are in the process of seeking the original note, Saxon sent us a “electronic” faxed copy that had many previous fax dates on it, one date being the year they took over our loan from another company. Lets face it….they dont have the original note.
    Our next step is to file a law suit against Saxon in our state enforcing Saxon to “Produce the Original” note. The funny thing is they are not even licensed in our state. This should be interesting.

  2. To avoid misunderstanding, please be advised that the law office of Craig Hosay has not yet filed a class action suit, as indicated in a previous post. Although the office is still reviewing data to assess the viability of any legal action, a suit has not been filed at this time.

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