Saxon Mortgage says payment is missing during bankruptcy

DS in South Carolina said: “For the past six months I have been trying to get Saxon to find a missing mortgage payment they say I have. I was in bankruptcy from 2004 until 2008 of which they were not a part. I mailed them their payment directly
during that time.

Their policy is that if you are in bankruptcy you do not receive statements from them. For four years no statements of my account. Extra charges accumulated and it took me two years from them to tell me what they were and I paid them as soon as I was told.

November 2008 when the bankruptcy discharged, Saxon notified me of the missing payment. Saxon can not tell me when the missing payment happened and I can only guess because I did not receive a statement.

Saxon wanted me to send 4 years worth of bank statments to them to prove each and every payment. I found where I think the missing payment happened (the check was made out incorrectly). Saxon cashed it as a partial payment.

They can not verify what they did with the partial payment or if that is indeed the missing payment. I have called, faxed, emailed and wrote letters. I even found the name of Steve Rodman VP of collections and wrote him two letters to no avail.

Six months and I am not where closer to finding the missing payment. If anyone knows who I can contact to get this resolved would be a blessing. I want to sell my house but am afraid when we settle Saxon will get paid for a missing payment that was never missing in the first place.”

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  1. Read your contract real carefully, I am certain that they violated it by not sending you statements plus a host of other Credit laws.

    Take the time and visit an attorney.

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