Saxon lost this lawsuit after saying “Just get over it”

SW in Texas said: “This is to share information about problems I had with Saxon Mortgage. I did a loan modification with Saxon that would freeze my ARM payment for 5 years. They sent out letters stating that I qualified for the program and it would be of no cost to me out of pocket.

It took them 8 months to process the modification and when they finally contacted me they charged me $1506.00 after I paid them the money they changed my due date and when I tried to contact someone at Saxon I never ever recieved a call back, they would always say they would have to have the call sent up to the escalation dept, I wonder if that dept exist.

After over 20 calls I reported Saxon to the BBB about 4 times, reported them to the FTC, I also had one of their reps say to me “I should be happy that they had just reported me late to the credit bureau for $20.00 which ruined my credit and dropped my credit score by 114 points. He said to me that I should just get over it and that Saxon would not pay thousands of dollars to correct a $20.00 error.”

By then I had heard enough, I went to the small claims courts and filed a suit against Saxon and believe it or not I won, this was a big story here in Dallas, TX that was reported by channel 11 news. I won against Saxon and if we as consumers fight back you too can be winners.”

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  1. That is great! We are fighting with Saxon trying to get our loan modified. We have made the three payments on time and still have not heard anything back from them. I tried to make my payment using Western Union on the internet and low and behold they are no longer letting me use this method of payment ande now my payment will be late…I did this with July and August payment. When I called them in July to make sure the payment went through I was told that my account was set wrong and they did not show that I had made even my June payment…they had to search for where the funds were put. Contact AG office by internet tonight

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