Saxon Mortgage is unorganized says customer

KW said: “I pray that what I am hearing here is not a prediction of things to come. After losing my job of 24 years to an injury, I am appyling for SSDI and knew my home was in jeopardy. I fell behind in my mortgage because I was told that my lender would do nothing until that scenario began to play out.

I immediately, before falling behind got my home in order and put it on the market, and have 2 offers on the table as a short sale. And you would think saxon would be eager to get this off their books with as minimal collateral damage as possible.

I mean there are 2 offers waiting for their consideration, and talk about unorganized…what a company. urgent information sits on a desk, to an associate without an extension, or one the operator doesn’t even know. Run arounds, faxes that they claim do not get to the proper channels.

I think I am headed into the direction toward my congressman and georgia state senator and to an attorney that may have more clout than I do. After all I am just the homeowner.

If anyone has any information on class actions or the name of an attorney that has been successful in defending these kinds of practices against decent tax paying citizens who happened to fall on hard times..please pass the information on.”

One thought on “Saxon Mortgage is unorganized says customer

  1. Typical of Saxon/Morgan Stanley. I had 4 offers last year and Saxon did not respond to any of them. All full price offers.

    PLEASE file a complaint with the Attorney General. It appears to be working in Texas.

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