Saxon holds mail, then gives 10 days to reply

TM in Alabama said: “Saxon Mortgage began giving me the run-around the moment that I requested assistance. I would send in the same forms over and over. I would get a different person each time I called and they would tell me to give them the same info over and over and they would tell me it had not been registered. I was sent back and forth, each one telling me the same info was needed. I was sent mail regarding my situation that stated I had 10 days to reply and the letter was received over 2 weeks after it was dated! I will lodge complaints wherever I can.”

One thought on “Saxon holds mail, then gives 10 days to reply

  1. Try the Texas Attorney General and your State Texas Attorney General.

    1st lodge your complaint with the Texas AG. Take the file number then lodge your complaint with your state AG.

    Also review the compalints here and get in contact with the New reporter I posted the email of. I would also do this locally with CBS news.

    CBS news is absolutely interested in Saxon/Morgan Stanley

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