Fedex shows Saxon received documents on time, but —

B in California said: “I am also dealing with the same issue. My documents were due with cashier’s check by March 2nd and they were received an signed for on March 1st (I have the Fed-Ex tracking as proof), cashier’s check has been cashed.

I have made the payment which was due on April 1st 2009 and the check is being held and has not been cashed. Saxon sent me a letter stating that they can no longer help me due to the fact that the documents were not received in time.

I have spent so much time and over 20 + calls trying to get this sorted out with no resolution. I have asked for a call back at least 6 times and no one calls me to give me a status update. I finally received a call from an outside agency that was requesting financial worksheet in order to look at a loan modification.

I submitted them because I didn’t know what else to do. I am so STRESSED out there has to be some way that this can be reported to the Home Owners Preservation since they are receiving government funds to help out distressed homeowner and instead are causing them undue stress and time.”

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  1. If you submitted your papers to Saxon and have your Fedex proof they were received on time, you can report Saxon to SIGTARP.
    phone: 877-SIG-2009
    address: Office of the Special Inspector General
    for the Troubled Asset Relief Prgram
    1500 Pennsylvania Av. NW Suite 1064
    Washington, DC 20220
    Good luck!

  2. I am going through the same thing. I have the tracking number and name of employee that signed for it but they insist they don’t have it and want me to resubmit all my information. I wasn’t even late on my mortgage when I first spoke with them about the loan modifcation. They told me not to make my June payment but instead to make the July payment that was estimated in my trial period. I smell scam….

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