Did you get a Saxon escrow refund? Is your escrow correct?

Jeff in Tennessee said: “We got a refund from Saxon from our Escrow and then a year later they seem to be double charging us from Escrow now? I don’t see how if they paid our taxes for that same amount, why it is now double? The Saxon rep wouldn’t admit a error, said the system got side tracked… side tracked? what bull. Wonder if anyone else got this refund issue with Escrow.”

3 thoughts on “Did you get a Saxon escrow refund? Is your escrow correct?

  1. I did not receive a refund, I received a letter that my escrow DOUBLED. I can find no justification and I have spoken with 9 people in customer service and they can’t answer either. No one will speak to me in the escrow department because they “Don’t have a phone” I have refused to pay the extra until they can justify the increase. In the meantime, I am writing everyone I can about this crooked company!

  2. We too have had similar problems with Saxon Mtg. Inc.. We have tried over and over again to get Saxon to rectify their mis-haps but to no avail. Our Tax, escrow, mtg and other service charges have been added to our monthly bill. We do not know where to turn. If you have information please help. Thanks

  3. Yep us too. Problems after problems after problems. I signed an escrow waiver when I bought my house and last year Saxon decided to take it upon themselves to start adding the escrow. Yes, mine has doubled, more than what my mortgage payment is, and i have no idea why. They give me bs answers, send me to different people and no one knows anything. I’ll be damned I am giving up my house. But its beginning to look like a no win situation. Why isnt anything done about this company??? What can we do???? This is insane.

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