Former Saxon employee speaks out

LB said: “As a former employee, let me tell you all the compliants here are true. The workout employees have great intentions – it is the management group who doesn’t care. They put too much on the employees (wanted 15 mods a day to be processed) and not enough focus on what is right for the customer.

The only tips I can provide is to stay on them call all the time and ask for managers. Go through the BBB and FTC and Attorney Generals office. Those are about the only type of complaints they listen to.

Write letters to customer relations, watch the CBS 11 news link someone posted. That got their attention good luck getting your mods.”

2 thoughts on “Former Saxon employee speaks out

  1. You can do a lot of good for many people who are wanting to do the right thing. A real feather in your cap and satisfaction of a job well done.

    Maybe you could email this guy and have him interview you with out disclosing your identity?

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