You call for help and end up with more pressure from Saxon

RH in Florida said: “I have been reading the different stories of Saxon customers. My situation as a Saxon Mortgage customer is we fell behind, got a default letter, called Saxon to ask for information on a loan modification program.

I got talked into a payment plan where I pay an extra $300.00 for 7 months.

All can said is I try to meet this goal but what I do not understand is you call for help and end up with more pressure and stress to meet obligations.”

2 thoughts on “You call for help and end up with more pressure from Saxon

  1. It is my understanding that even if you are now in a repayment plan, if your monthly payment is larger than 31% of your gross income, you can call and request to take part in the Making Home affordable plan. The shocker with saxon is that they have received tons of money to help people and still aren’t.

  2. RH,

    Many years ago the mortgage banks had been companies that helped you attain the american dream.

    Dash that thought, Saxon/Morgan Stanley are interestedin in bottom line profit and do not care a thing about you or your payment. They will push regardless of situation. They will make sure profits come first.

    Saxon is trying to glad hand/spoof the U.S. and its investors by its appearance and written statements of concern.

    RH, You come first now. You look after your best interest and fight for it! never settle for anything they give you that does not benefit you.

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