Saxon Mortgage News Video from CBS 11

Another news team investigated Saxon Mortgage. This is a news video from CBS 11. It will open in a new window.

The news article asks hard questions, like why the government is willing to pay an “F” rated company. The video features a woman who successfully sued Saxon after Saxon ruined her credit. You will see an interview with the head of the BBB who said the BBB never heard from Saxon again. You’ll see actual footage from the courtroom, and Saxon’s lawyers leaving without comment after their defeat.

One thought on “Saxon Mortgage News Video from CBS 11

  1. Tell your friends and neighbors, Blog this information. I have it on good authority that this CBS station will be doing follow-up reports on Saxon. Provide a copy of this story to your local affiliate where you live! Ask your local affiliate to do a story on you too!

    Remember this:

    “The emperor has no clothes”


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