Saxon is an incompetant company

MW said: “We are going thru same thing with Saxon as DW in Michigan. Have kept all documents as has our NEMAH rep, (Gov. Granholms’ Save the Dream” program. At least 13 times we have sent the docs required for the modification. They foreclosed on us, then postponed until June 11, 2008.

Michigan passed the bill that gives homeowners 90 days, so that’s a little breathing room. Still, Saxon Mortgage Servicers Inc is an incompetent company. Wish an investigative reporter could get inside.

We filed a complaint with the FTC also and the attorney general where it was sent to the Michigan Office of Insurance and Regulation. On our foreclosure sale, which was posted on the wrong property w/wrong address, they list New York Bank of Mellon. We are clueless as to how they fit into this.

We never received a demand notice prior to the alleged foreclosure. We demanded the note & got a copy, not the original. My husband called the attorney listed on the foreclosure notice, Postivo & Associates. Talked with Ashley who also could not find proof of the demand letter. The situation with Saxon is beyond bizarre. Why no-one is investigating this company with all the complaints filed nationwide is a mystery to me.

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  1. MW, it doesnt stop there. You can be made whole again. You have rights. Visit with several attorneys in your area. Find one that will litigate this matter.

    Provide the attorneys you visit with the information on this web site. Give them the numbers to my attorneys! Henley and Henley pc Dallas Texas Hudson Henley.

    Work out a payment plan with your attorney.

    Most attorneys will not venture in to this without some news or information that helps them. Its up to you to provide them with information about what is going.

    Stay away from class action suits. You get little to nothing in return.

    Think for a second how long Saxon/Morgan Stanley will last in front of a jury trial.

    How much do you thing you are due? How much do you think a jury would award you if you lost money making arrangements to move you and your family? The pain, suffering and emabarassment you get from foreclosure filings?

    It could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars! Or maybe the deed to your home.

    I will not settle for anything less then the deed to my home at this point.

  2. Trey
    We live in an extremely small town. Foreclosure already published. We can’t afford an attorney. Saxon said they postponed the sheriff’s sale until June 11. They sent us modification papers FEDEX. We just sent them back, but I’m sure we’ll either be denied or they will say they are missing something. i don’t know how or what to get an attorney interested in our case.

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