More military abuse by Saxon Mortgage

SC in Maryland said: “My husband was deployed to active duty from his civilian job to go fight war in Iraq. His military pay dropped by half of his civilian pay. To make matters worst, he was injured while serving. I requested a loan modification from Saxon in November, 2007.

After what seems like hundreds of phone calls only to be told to call back every week with still no modification and no name of a person who is handling my case, my file is still waiting to be assigned. I was just told last week (16 months later) to resubmit my documents. I am tempted to take this to the media.

My husband fought and has been injured for his country. I am trying very hard to take the stress off of him by getting help from our Mortgage Company to lessen our financial problems due to this war and all I get the run around.

My husband is getting discharged due to his injury and possibly can not go back to his civilian job as a firefighter. It’s unfair that we can’t get the help we need. Please is there any help out there?”

One thought on “More military abuse by Saxon Mortgage

  1. Go to your JAG and request a referral to a lawyer that handles and understands these types of issues.

    You are special in every way.

    You, being military call to action the US Attorney if Saxon/Morgan Stanley will not abide by the law.

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