Davis Foreclosure and Saxon Mortgage cause foreclosure

SD in Indiana said: “I can’t believe I found this website. My husband and I have also
been approved for a loan modification. After paying Davis Foreclosure $1500.00 of our house money they supossedly negotiated with Saxon and got us a modification.

Our packet of documents arrived and the information on it was all wrong, we contacted Davis Foreclosure as well as Saxon and were told a revised packet would be sent out via FedEx.

We have not seen anything to this day. It has been weeks. Now we are receiving letters stating that we didn’t send our documents with our certified funds on time!!

We also have spoke to so many different people, who by the way NEVER have any information in the system notes. We have been disconnected, told that people we spoke with didn’t work there..etc.etc.etc!!

We are about to lose our home and have no idea what to do!”

Editor’s Note: Davis Mitigation Inc. (aka Davis Foreclosure Assistance) is being sued by the Minnesota AG Lori Swanson.

Davis President Samuel Cohen said he was unaware of the state’s prohibition of upfront charges, and that his company will stop doing business here until “we adjust our model.” Although its website says it is working in all 50 states, Cohen said his company has had only one or two clients in Minnesota; most cases are in Arizona.

The companies are accused of soliciting troubled homeowners via the Web, targeted mailings or the telephone, convincing them the company could save their homes. The companies are accused of illegally charging up-front fees of up to $1,790, failing to include required safeguards in their contracts such as allowing homeowners to rescind the contract within three days, and failing to deliver promised services.

No matter what, Davis Foreclosure and other foreclosure prevention companies should probably stay away from Saxon Mortgage, since Saxon has problems of their own. Those problems only make third-parties look bad.

2 thoughts on “Davis Foreclosure and Saxon Mortgage cause foreclosure

  1. I feel your pain. Heading into our 5th loan modification request. This time though, I have the AG office forwarding all our docs to Saxon. They know someone is looking closely because they are trying to make it look as if they’ve been putting forth effort to resolve issues. Best advise, Contact your Attorney Generals office. I made it a point to advise them of this site and consumer warning network to attest to their lack of help, mixed messages and the potential of illegal actions. The more AG offices that look into Saxon the better chance they will be investigated.

  2. Also find an attorney that is willing to help you and willing to take this to jury trial. Usually Personal Injury attorneys are set up for such a thing.

    Document every living thing you have done, calls, letters, research and your time.

    Going to the AG and such is fine. If you want to made whole you find your attorney and get back what you deserve!

    Anything less then the title to my home will not suffice for the pain, stress, etc Saxon has caused me.

    How long do you think Saxon/Morgan Stanley will last in front of a jury?

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