Saxon Mortgage Services Inc new processing center address

The new mailing address for Saxon Mortgage Services Inc is:
PO Box 514748
Los Angeles, CA, 90051-4748

According to a Saxon representative, he was not aware that the Saxon website was not updated. The old address was PO Box 961105, Fort Worth, Texas, 76161-0105.

Perhaps Saxon is trying to move their “F” rated Better Business Bureau rating to California. The representative also said there is no way to stop routine Saxon phone calls starting on the second day of the month.

When told that Saxon mails the wrong paperwork in the wrong envelopes the representative had no reply.

The bottom line is Saxon’s online website tells people to mail their payments to the wrong address. Will the payments be credited on time? What are they doing. It seems that the Saxon website, and correctness, is not a priority with Saxon or Morgan Stanley.