Your mortgage is nothing but a game to Saxon

Nancy (location not disclosed) said: “I have been trying for almost a year to have Saxon modify my mortgage. It went from 7.15% to almost 10 % and all my payments were made on time. I along with other housing agencies tried contacting Saxon. Sent in paper work several times and I’m always told by several different people that a certain document was missing. And it was never the same document that I was told by another employee of Saxon. They don’t want to help you.

When I ask for the persons or extension number so I can talk to the same person I am always told there are no extensions and I had one guy tell me that it was just my lucky day that I got to speak to him. How are we suppose to work with keeping our home if the mortgage company won’t work with you. Nothing but games with Saxon. But what do they care? They won’t be losing their home, they just watch everyone lose theirs. It should be illegal to raise the rate as they did. Especially as they did with a good paying customer!”