NovaStar Mortgage failed to pay IRS tax lien

SC in Texas said: “My husband and I have been trying to get this resolved also. Ours started with Nova Star not paying a I.R.S. Tax Lien from a old construction company. This is why we referenced our home of 19 years and five children later. Then we discovered in July,2007 it wasn’t paid so we paid it off.

I sold what ever I could and then some and paid it. I got behind and asked for help from Nova Star. They told me no, we could not qulify and the next thing we knew we were sold to Saxon. I have kept all my papers from the time this started till now.

I’ve talked to different departments of the company. This is my guess: ARE THEY FROM THE U.S.A.? NO! And I’m not giving in. Being a redhead and hairdresser, I’ve read some of the complaints. I think it’s time for attorneys,the media, channel 5 and 8 in Ft.Worth,Tx.

I love doing this type of stuff also. So here it is May I’m still fighting $32000.00 later,and $6000.00 up front NO! NO! NO! The fight is on. And thanks for the people who are standing up to those greedy people. They have their bailout money. They are a debt collector and bought our notes for little to nothing. NO! MORE!”