Let loose the dogs of war says Saxon customer

A Dallas homeowner said: “I am also a victim of Saxon. Last year went through workout with them, 12k down. They lost my loan docs. 67 phone calls later and still nothing except the approval from Lindsey Silkirk saying the mod docs would be Fedex to me. Nothing. I paid on my 2nd mortgage as agreed, 7 months later I get a foreclosure notice. I literally begged them on the phone to get me my approved agreement they promised and NOBODY could find my loan.

They stopped sending me statements
They refused to accept down payment as agreed
The down payment provided was not applied to the loan
They paid my escrows after I had already paid them.
No return phone calls
No response from:

Lindsey Silkirk
Susan Bohanan
Ms. Walker
Stella Hess VP

People quit on a regular basis at Saxon due to the working conditions.

I have CBS national news and Senator John Cronyn being copied on all my issues with them.

The list is long and dirty.

I have hired a Personal Injury Attorney pitbull of a guy Henley and Henley in Dallas Texas.

We are filing suit on the 5th of May.

I have vowed to make the biggest stink and thorn in their side as I possibly can do. I will do everything in my power to make sure they pay.

They made a mistake messing with me and not following MHA guidelines.

I encourage all of you to find an attorney and pay them before Saxon.

Missapplication of Fiduciary property/funds
Truth in lending violations
Failure to perform
Mail fraud
Wire fraud

Let loose the dogs of war.”

3 thoughts on “Let loose the dogs of war says Saxon customer

  1. I asked Saxon in a previous email if they wanted my wifes income on the financial statement even though they were reminded that she was not n the note. They responded, yes. I included her small income and they came back with a payment of 3000.00 per month for a 200k note. They said I had extra income so they wanted all of it.
    I reminded them that the income statement did not reflect her bills.

    This is how they responded the day before the foreclosure is due to sell which is today in Dallas County.

    As of last night our home is due to be auctioned between 1-4 today. Even though we have several emails from her stating it was not. I even copied her on the notice.

    Copy of email sent to me:

    I think at this point we just need to scratch the plan and start all over. None of the initial information you provided is now accurate. You provided us your wife’s income, therefore, we included it. ( I have the email in which I asked them if they wanted it even though she is not n the note)

    Please complete the attached financial statement and return back to me in order to re-assess the financial situation.

    I am currently shutting down the file for the plan we spoke about. I will hold on to your file for 1 week in anticipation of receiving the updated financial statement.

  2. It is my understanding that Saxon/Morgan Stanley is being investigated or those wheels have been set in place.
    There is also word of an oversight committee being put in place to watchover those that have signed up for the Obama plan.

    Saxon/Morgan Stanley does not want to go to court. If they do it means they will have their practices made public as well as its accounting system and other usurious practices.

    It also appears that the servicing companies were making every effort to bolster fees they can charge on servicing as it pertains to the agreements they have with note owners/investors.

    Servicing companies run a thin margin. The more fees they can make the better. This is why they would choose to have loan modification prospects make huge down payments. They could justify to investors and attorneys the need for the fees.

    KTVT Dallas has also begun investigating the number of complaints they have received regarding Saxon/Morgan Stanley.
    You can email bennettc@ktvt.com

    Its in Saxon/Morgan Stanleys best interest to stay away from court. They will lose any trial they are forced to be in. You the consumer, with an attorney, have more power then you could ever expect to have.

    I personally will not settle until I am made whole for the year+ of living under the bogus promises, lies and constant threats of FORECLOSURE, they have made regarding my particular loan. I have been willing and have proved my willingness to work with them in order to make this right.

    For many of you first readers the MO of Saxon/Morgan Stanley is to place you in foreclosure with a public notice, wait until the last minute then force upon you what they feel is the best workout for THEM. Meanwhile you live under the threat of foreclosure, you have Realtors, investors and attorneys hounding you day and night with personal visits and mail.

    Saxon/Morgan Stanley knows this and they use this as a pressure tactic for you to sign and agree to what they have sent to you.

    Morgan Stanley owner of Saxon has been caught up in the worst case of greed and probably has the worst reputation now in the public eye.

    Saxon/Morgan Stanley appeared to have pulled my foreclosure at the last minute. I have again redone my financials for them.

    Its our opinion that Saxon/Morgan Stanley will do anything to keep this out of court.

    Its very hard for anybody to place a dollar value on living under this type of threat on a daily basis. We are prepared to let a jury decide this.

    I am sick of Saxon/Morgan Stanley. I will not let this go. Neither should any of you! Saxon/Morgan Stanley should not get a pass on the wrong doing and harm they have caused thousands of home owners.

  3. My wife and I have been fighting Saxon for almost two years. All we want to do is pay our mortgage. That’s all we ever wanted to do. I broke my arm Jan 1 2007 and was late making a payment due to a temporary loss of work. Well, Saxon doesn’t take late payments and they keep you in the dark until you owe a rediculous amount of money. Still all we wanted to do was pay. TWO YEARS LATER and three mailed packages —- nothing. They lost our loan packet TWICE. I have proof they received it i.e. UPS tracking and they cashed the check that was inside the packet. We have talked to no less than 30 people from Saxon. None of whom still work there. The last idiot we talked to Kym Charles asked us to fax her the wrong documents and not only that has since not been to work. There MUST be some kind of class action lawsuit going on we can join. We live in California(for now). My wife is expecting our first baby in three weeks we don’t need this stress…

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