Saxon – pay more money and get foreclosed anyway

LR sent this information. Opinions and conclusions are those of the submitter: “My name is Laurie and I am one of the many victims of Saxon Mortgage Services. After discovering by accident that my home was to be sold at a foreclosure sale, I too tried contacting Saxon. I was in the middle of “modification”, a loosely termed word to mean pay more money and get foreclosed anyway.

I now have an attorney named Dave Hall, who has been a God send. I believe we have Saxon on the run and we just filed my counter suit against them last week. I know, like you that this company and Deutsche Bank, and unwitting participant perhaps, are defrauding us all and I think I am going to be able to put a stop to them. There is a way, but you must be honest about your situation in order to win fairly and properly.

I am from Springfield Illinois and these people do this garbage as a matter of course. Somebody get GMA to investigate. There is also an under the table relationship between them and Fidelity National Foreclosure Solutions. Kick backs is my guess. Watch these two as they seem to be working together.”