Hard working people from Trinidad fight with Saxon

J sent this, originally as a comment: “We are trying to do a modification on our mortgage. We almost lost our home when our interest rate went from 7.25% to 10.33%. Saxon is nothing but a rip off so please be careful. We sent all that they asked for, our personal paper work, but no one ever received it.

Any time we call, no one knows what we are talking about. Always a pack of lies but there is always one good guy in the bunch, I will say his name he is “Matt”. He helps us. I hope he is for real. From 10.33% down to 2% but we have to fight every day for our house we always pay on time they say they never get our payments. Thank God we have our bank statements, so just be careful people. We are hard working people from Trinidad, – we don’t beg, we work for what we want.”