Saxon loses payment and destroys credit

NB in New Mexico said: “I’m so upset with this band of thieves that call themselves Saxon Mortgage. My problems started immediately when my mortgage was sold to these people and nobody bothered to inform me of it until after I made a last payment to my old mortgage company (New Century).

My troubles all started because of a missing half payment which I gave to New Century and they inturn gave to Saxon I know this happened because I have documentation from new century. Saxon initially denied that this transaction ever took place and demanded I pay them this half payment again.

I kept making my monthly payments as I was assured by New Century that they recieved the money, until one day Saxon stated that they would no longer take my money. It took 4 months and a lawyer to get them to put me on a payment plan, and everytime we got close to paying it to current they would find some excuse to cancel it forcing me to sign up for yet another plan each time increasing my payments due to “attorney’s fees” which seamed to be ever increasing.

At one point they lost $1,500 of my money and threatened to sell my home if THEY couldn’t find it by the deadline it was due. Finally after nearly a year I discovered that the existing payment plan had $3,000.00 left to be paid to current, luckily (or so I thought) I discovered this right at tax return time.

I sent by western union (as this is the only way they will accept money from me now) $3,000 to Saxon mortgage after being repeatedly reassured by them that they would immediatly end the payment plan and return my payments to normal. This brings me to present date, exactly three weeks ago I called after making a payment to assure that it was recieved (which has become common practice for me since all this started) only to discover that they had not taken me off of the payment plan at all.

In fact I was told that this money “has been set aside and when your payment is due we take the money out of what you gave us”. This is in no way what I was led to believe was going to happen when I sent them this money, and further more what about my credit?!

According to Equifax it’s currently being dragged down as they are still showing me on this payment plan inches from foreclosure! Then to top it off this rude woman tells me that they will not in anyway take me off the plan despite the fact that I paid it to current and that “you’ll just have to wait for it to run it’s course, plus I don’t know what you’re whining about anyway we’re paying it.”

I ask you this why in the world would I trust these people to pay anything for me when the only reason I’m on the payment plan in the first place is because THEY lost my money, and have shown me nothing but distain.

They’ve lost money, misapplied payments, and have proven themselves to be dishonest in everyway when dealing with me. What’s worse is that they’re parent company has recieved federal bail out money! I’m an emotional wreck because of these people, I can’t sleep, I spend every moment worrying about what they will pull next, and my credit is destroyed.

The government is no help in December I sent emails to every agency I could think of only to get the standard “we don’t handle that” reply. I don’t know what to do anymore, my only hope is that perhaps just one potential customer will read my story and decide not to do business with these people. If I can help even one person to steer clear of these guys, that my plight won’t have been for nothing. Thanks for hearing me out.”