Saxon short sale package resubmitted 3 times

MM in Washington said: “I have submitted two short sales offers for my clients property since OCTOBER 2008 and call every week for an update – it is now 6 months later and I still have yet to get a negotiator. I’ve been asked to resubmit the entire short sale package 3 times and just today was told to resubmit it yet again (they received the last short sale package re-submission April 8th) because it was denied as a loan modification.

IT WAS PROCESSED WRONG and for some reason the imaging department cannot resubmit the recently received documents to the correct department. I have asked to talk to MANAGEMENT and placed on hold for up to ONE HOUR to discover that they cannot HELP me.

Who do I need to talk to in order to process this file? We are about to lose our second offer and Saxon will be foreclosing on the property!”