Saxon’s idea of modification is borrow from Lend American

Alice in Florida said: “I applied for a loan modification on October 2008, Saxon stated it was lost so I applied again in February 2009. Saxon again stated they lost it, when I called to follow up to no avail. Saxon also added insurance to my mortgage when I paid my all my insurances and taxes on my own.

I have made every payment and then some with added late fee’s who knew where they came from because Saxon stated they didn’t get the payment on time. So I paid.

Saxon recommended to apply for a re-finance with Lend American, but they turn me down because my credit rating was low. When I asked Saxon why they put my credit rating to the floor with their reporting information. If the goverment provided funding to this two entities why are they not helping anyone with their loans that need help?”

One thought on “Saxon’s idea of modification is borrow from Lend American

  1. I’ve been dealing with Saxon since September 2008. After 2 denied loan modification requests, I’m fighting back the only way I know how. Telling everyone what they are doing wrong. The squeeky wheel gets the grease. Contact:
    AG office of Tx
    AG office of your state

    After two failed loan mod attempts, they’re idea of a workable “repayment” plan was to suggest DOUBLING my mortgage payment. That would have been more than 60% of our monthly gross income.

    I suggest contacting your AG office… don’t let them take your home because they aren’t willing to work with people. Good Luck.

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