Stock market will settle out at 8500 in 2009

Our analysts study the financial crisis on a daily basis. Back in 2007 I warned our family, and friends with investments, that the market was too high at 12,500 and it could not be sustained. those who lost moeny on Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and AIG had no one to blame but themselves. Many people did not see the bailout bill, bank bailouts, and financial implosion on the horizon.

When the stock market imploded it simply reinforced what I said during the nightly news for years – that the stock market could not sustain advances as manufactured wealth from home equity was itself not sustainable.

The stock market will find a bottom and settle out nicely around 8500. I base this on historical analysis and daily reviews of the market bubble. Yes, the stock market went way down, but today – Wednesday, 15 April 2009, the market closed at 8029. It will go up, but will not see 13,000 until someone else manufactures another bubble.

Remember, the amount of a crash is directly proportional to the amount of manufactured weath and the resulting debt distortion.