Payments to Saxon don’t show up when mailed to Iowa

B in Kentucky said: “I have been trying to get a loan modication from Saxon for 8 months the keep tell use in the process but nothing is being done. Saxon Mortgage keep telling us to send money – a big amount to a bank account in Iowa to keep the house from foreclosure, but when we try to refinance with another company they say Saxon wants to give other companies information, but the loan is in foreclosure. Other companies say there is nothing they can do. Where is our money going? Nothing is shown on the loan. Nothing says Saxon received the payments. Someone please help.”

Editor’s Note: This morning we also read a news report from Hope Now. On the 13th Hope Now started a new campaign. Customers like the one who sent this report must be as confused as we are.

The 11 HOPE NOW servicer members participating in the Reach Out campaign include American Home Mortgage, Bank of America, Carrington Financial, Countrywide Financial, HomEq Servicing, HSBC, Litton Loan Servicing, Ocwen Financial Corporation, Saxon Mortgage Service, Select Portfolio Servicing, SunTrust, Wells Fargo and Wilshire.

Saxon does little if anything, while HSBC Finance is out of business, claims they didn’t take any bailout money, don’t participate in any Obama programs, and can’t help anyone.

Is the any hope for Hope Now? You decide.

One thought on “Payments to Saxon don’t show up when mailed to Iowa

  1. call this number, it’s the main office and not the stupid call center. 804-967-7400 or email
    we were getting jerked around from the call center. we called and got a hold to this lady and explained what we have been going through for a year now and within 36 hours our loan was remodified with lower payments,

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