Fire the President of Saxon Mortgage says one customer

JW in Colorado said: “I have been trying for several months to get my loan modified. I asked Saxon Mortgage to at least not raise the ARM which increased the monthly over $400 a month. They ignore me. I asked Saxon Mortgage to help me out by cancelling the late fees. They ignored me. I sent all info they requested to get a loan modification. I call twice a week and they said it is in process.

In the meantime Saxon said I have to pay all of payment or it will go into foreclosure. Then they say it will get bigger with their attorney fees. I have not worked with anyone that pays any attention to their customers. Please forward this to Mr. Obama, because I understand his new policy will get me a new mortgage. Maybe he can fire the President of Saxon. I need help.”

One thought on “Fire the President of Saxon Mortgage says one customer

  1. We have been through the same thing and am now in foreclosure. We have tried since Oct to get our loan modify only to land in foreclosure. On Feb 27 I was told that they had not recieved 1 bit of paperwork from our mod company and / or attorney. I was also told that they are so backed logged that it would take them months to get to our paperwork. Sorry to be you.

    We are upside down in our home. Can’t refinance. no help because we do not have a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac backed loan. Duestche Bank is the investor and they do not have the original note. They stated it has been lost or destroyed.

    Our house has ARMed beyond what my husband makes. SAXON SUCKS!

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