Make sure you are not the weakest employee

Do bill collector phone calls factor in to who gets laid off? I received a short one-line email the other day that said, “Go after them because their calls at work cost me my job.” The law says you can tell callers not to call you at work, and theoretically all calls will cease. Employers are cutting back in a bad economy. Some employers are simply looking for an excuse.

When I was in college one radical professor made an interesting point. To prevent future lawsuits, according to the professor, if a black employee is fired the company should fire the weakest white person as well. If a woman is fired, according to the professor, the company should fire the weakest male employee. The practice immediately puts a stop to discrimination claims.

Does your company have a policy about phone calls at work? How do phone calls effect your security clearance, ability to handle money, or overall trust within the company? Even cashiers are effected, regardless of whether their cash drawer balances to the penny at the end of the day. Why? Because companies often look for excuses to replace employees.

My years of hiring and firing taught me that honesty is the best policy. If an employee was arrested, or served a subpoena at work for non-payment of child support, it should be noted. Such events are a reflection of character. All employees are expected to project a reflection of the company, and are a reflection of company policy.

One mortgage servicer says they will not stop phone calls at work unless the debtor faxes a cease and desist letter. Does this practice jeopardize your job? Do phone calls automatically classify you as the ‘weakest’, and the next target?

The best way to protect yourself is to as your employer how you stand amongst your peers and subordinates. See if you can get a written review. It will not prevent layoffs when a company is downsizing, but certainly might prevent surprises.

Your direct value to the company is based on many factors. Good decision making, productivity, and ability to interact with others is paramount. If you are receiving debt collector phone calls at work you should immediately take action. Either directly or indirectly you must make sure the calls do not classify you are expendable.