Saxon Mortgage abuses US Military while Morgan Stanley is silent

Cory in Iowa said: “I have had the same issue with Saxon Mortgage recognizing the SCRA of 2003 also. I have repeatedly faxed orders, cover sheets ,and information to be met with adversity and run-arounds since 5 May 2008. I went on active duty to the desert 12 May 2008. I faxed everything again in July 2008 and again in Febuary 2009 twice.

Saxon said a resolution would be resolved by 23 March and now have moved it back to 8 April 2009. Saxon owes us over $4000.00 dollars in overpaid interest,fees, and penalties.

We are not in default but have a buyer for our home. They know we want to close on 10 April 2009. Does anyone else see a class action law suit regarding the treatment of our Veterans and how Saxon is refusing to recognized this federal act. My nerves are exhuated from this and I thought Afghanistan was bad. I am at the end of my emotional rope.”