Final IndyMac depositor losses tallied, FDIC hammered

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. said late Thursday it will not pay any more money to people who had deposits with IndyMac Bank above the FDIC insurance limits in effect when the bank was seized last year.

For money above insurance limits, the FDIC paid 50 cents on the dollar.

The FDIC sold all remaining deposits and branches as well as most assets of IndyMac to newly formed OneWest Bank in Pasadena. The regulator expects to lose $10.7 billion related to IndyMac.

Fran Quittel is one of the IndyMac depositors who had money above the insurance limits. The Emeryville resident had $133,000 in two business accounts with IndyMac. She previously lived in Pasadena, where IndyMac was based.

Quittel, who lost more than $15,000, is upset with the FDIC for several reasons. First she was under the impression that standard insurance was $100,000 per account, not per person, at each bank. (The standard limit has since been raised to $250,000). She said FDIC limits should be clearer and more prominent.

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