Saxon Mortage problem with short sales

A visitor commented: “I have three contracts from three different buyers and Saxon has been giving me the same run around. Saxom is trying to force a foreclosure when they would almost have recouped all their money in a short sale. They do not enter the proper information when I call into their computer so the next time you call there are no good honest records of what is going on.

I sent in the paperwork, bank statements and w-2’s several times. Saxon wanted everything in one pack so me and my realtors have combined all documents, loan number on every page, and sent the entire package for each contract. Saxon verbally acknowledged they received it with my realtors, then when I called Saxon claimed items were missing.

I have asked for an extension to hold off on a foreclosure so a negotiator will be assigned. My home has been on the market since January and the first contract was sent in February 2009. It is now March 28th, and I still do not have a negotiator. Three contracts/three buyers and Saxon Mortgage is not serious of getting their money.

Something is wrong and I may need an attorney to show the judge how I am being railroaded after I have done everything Saxon has asked. Saxon would not need TARP money if they would work with people and short sales.”