Saxon Mortgage, Hope Now, and the missing fax

BS in New Jersey said: “I received a call from a Saxon Mortgage CSR saying our mortgage was going to increase because Saxon was going to escrow our taxes. We had the option of paying the remaining amount $10,000 or have our mortgage increase by $2500. We tried to refinance but the value of the home had dropped. We submitted a loan modification package to Saxon on 12/15/08 and the HOPE counselor faxed it to them the following week.

It is now 3/27/09 and I am know told I have to resubmit a complete package because nothing was ever received. I am told I will have to wait another 30 days for my application to be assigned a negotiator. No one will accept responsiblity for accepting the fax. I was told by Vanita, “the only thing I am willing to do is notate the account that you are faxing the information”.

The HOPE counselor tried to speak to someone who would accept the fax and let us know if it was complete, Vanita refused. I guess back to square one. Signed disgusted.”

One thought on “Saxon Mortgage, Hope Now, and the missing fax

  1. Everytime I called the customer service each representative have different way of telling customers what was the fees is all about . The answer you get is always different. They are inconsistent the way they answer their customer needs. I do hope this mortgage company should be investigated. They are not meeting their goals for customer satisfaction in answering the questions in a accurate manner.

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