Saxon wants shortsale paperwork in 1 complete package

MA in Indiana/Florida said: “I currently reside in Indiana, but I have a house in Florida that is in foreclosure. Saxon holds the mortgage. I fell behind on the payments because of a hardship. In October, my realtor and I submitted a short-sale offer. Initially, Saxon did not tell us that the paperwork had to be submitted all at the same time.

I submitted my financial info, etc. and the realtor and closing agent submitted the rest. After weeks of calling Saxon and trying to find out what was going on, they finally told me that everything had been thrown into a pile and not even considered because it was not sent as a “complete package.”

We resubmitted everything and waited. Again, after numerous calls on a weekly basis, a CSR finally told me that they had “lost” some of the paperwork because each page did not have my account number on it. We resubmitted the package again with accounts numbers on every page.

I called continuously and was put on hold up to 25 minutes at a time trying to find out what was going on. I was then told in January that they were still missing the HUD1 statement, but they did not want me to resubmit the entire package.

A CSR gave me the fax number for the “Missing Documents for Short Sale Department” and told me to just fax the HUD1 with the account number on it…nothing else. She said they had everything else they needed. They also said that an inspection of the property had been ordered. Then on 2/9/09, I was told that the entire package needed to be faxed again because everything was shredded because they were still missing documents. Everything was faxed many, many times and also sent Fedex.

As of last Friday Saxon Mortgage said that the short-sale information is now in their conmputers, but it may take until 3/27 to assign the case to a negotiator, and then it could take weeks for the negoitator to look it over. On Saturday 3/21/09, I received notice that the final judgement hearing will be held on April 8.

The prospective buyer is still interested in the property. The offer is not for the full amount I owe, especially since they have tacked on late fees, attorney fees, and exorbitant insurance fees. However, with the decrease in housing prices and impending foreclosure, the offer that was originally submitted in October was solid.

The last CSR I talked to said “I hope you know this is ruining your credit!” No kidding…now that’s what I call customer service!”